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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Love Mug (w/Sharpies!)

Goodwill is always a good place to get something that you're going to experiment with. I found a matching set of these mugs for only 98 cents! Maybe they're soup bowls...I'm not really sure. Either way, I think they're cool. I wanted to make a Sharpie mug like so many people on Pinterest are doing. I loved the mug that My Sister's Suitcase Blog made, and kinda copied the look. :) (Thanks for the idea, girls!)

Using your mug, grab a cotton ball or two and wipe it down well with rubbing alcohol to get rid of all the dirt and oil from your hands. 

 Let dry completely and try not to touch the areas you are going to be writing on more than necessary.

 Taking your Sharpies, write whatever you would like!
I wrote "Some of the things that I really love about you" across the top.

Using different types of handwriting, I wrote a bunch of different things.
(Ignore that I left out the 'me' in "you make me laugh"...oops)

When making these Sharpie projects, make sure you put "HAND WASH ONLY"! As cool as they are, unfortunately I don't believe they are dishwasher-safe. I've already washed this mug a couple times in super hot, soapy water and scrubbed, and nothing has changed, so it definitely works when washed by hand.

Place your project in a cold oven, then turn it on to 450 degrees and set your timer for 45 minutes.When your timer goes off, don't open the oven! Just turn the heat off. Let sit for a few hours, or overnight, so that it cools completely before the door opens.

Unfortunately, after I baked this mug, the black lightened to gray and the red turned yellow of all things! After it cooled completely, I decided to rewrite over all my writing and bake it again.

I think that looks better...although I'm still a little bummed that it didn't stay red. Oh, well. Just gives me an excuse to make another one sometime soon.


  1. I made Mike one of these this past weekend for his 30th birthday. I did the "I hope your Birthday doesn't 'suck'!" and filled the cup with suckers. It was pretty cute.


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