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Friday, March 29, 2013

Marbled Easter Eggs

Easter is upon us and with it comes certain obligations. One of the easiest of these is coloring Easter eggs! Okay, so maybe that isn't an obligation, but it sure is fun! :)

When we were little we colored our Easter eggs with the kits that Dad would bring home after work. Mom would boil the eggs and have us clear the table, while we anxiously waited for the dye kits. When he got home, we would get everything set up as fast as we could. We would fight over who got to use the dipper so we didn't get stuck with a plain old spoon to dunk our eggs. Looking back, I realized the stickers would never stay on and the shrink-wrap wrappers never shrunk evenly. We would pull out the crayons and write out names and designs that didn't really show up half the time. We would crack the eggs when they would slip off the spoons and hit the side of the cup, leaving the hard cooked whites of the egg soaked with blotches of color.

Even though things always seemed to go wrong, it didn't matter because we always had a blast!  No matter how old we get, we will always have those wonderful memories that bring some excitement during the Easter season. 

If you are looking to do something a little different with your eggs this year, why not try a marbled effect? This is so easy and looks so cool! Think of all the color combinations you could do! Maybe even try doing a base color then cool would these look if you colored them yellow, then marbled with blue?! Or color them blue and marble with red?
SO much fun!

What you need:

foam shaving cream (not gel)
food coloring
toothpick or knife
shallow dish
boiled eggs

Spray some foam in your dish.

Add desired colors.

Swirl. (I started using a toothpick, but a knife worked much better.)

 Set your eggs in.

Gently fold foam over the eggs. 
Let sit 5-10 minutes before rinsing with cool water.

My colors showed up well enough, but I think if I wouldn't have left so much of the foam white, they would have turned out better. 
And FYI, the yellow isn't very bright either so I would probably use darker colors next time.

Have fun and Happy Easter!!!

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